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Who's behind Bestprice.com.au?
Bestprice.com.au is part of CarAdvice. We’re an independently Australian owned and operated one-stop shop for new car buyers. Whether you’re researching your new car, looking for the best possible price or just wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest from the world of cool cars, CarAdvice is your best bet for all things auto.
Is Bestprice.com.au a broker?
Definitely not! We’re a team of dedicated and passionate car enthusiasts wanting to bring the fun back into car ownership. Buying a car shouldn’t be a chore – it should be one of life’s greatest pleasures. CarAdvice and Best Price aim to remove the pain from buying a new car, and make it as enjoyable experience as possible.
So how do we work with dealers?
It’s a tough market out there. The Internet has changed the way people buy cars. We feed dealers genuine, ready to buy leads at zero cost to them, with complete transparency over the deal. They can see what other dealer are offering and counter-offer to secure your business. Who wouldn’t like to do business under a system like that? We charge the dealers a small fee if you buy the car from them and refund your $29 at the same time.
Is the bestprice.com.au service national?
Totally. Obviously, some areas of Australia have a higher penetration of car dealers than others. But our system is set up so that we contact the at least five dealers who can deliver to you. It’s up to you which dealer you choose to buy from.

Using The Best Price Service

So, how does it work?
New car buyers (our audience) tell us the car they want and specify colour and option requirements. Next, we contact a number of dealers in their local area who are invited to submit their offers within 24 hours. Your log in allows you to review and manage your offers through our Best Price Dashboard. 
Once a customer receives an offer they’re happy with, we provide them with your details along with a Certificate of Offer, which is valid for seven days.
What’s in it for me?
We’re connecting you with an untapped pipeline of ready-to-buy customers without having to advertise. It’s a win/win situation. We screen all customers to ensure they are genuine and ready to buy.
Through the dealer log-in, you can not only monitor your quotes, but also see what other dealers are offering to your potential buyer, meaning you can counter-offer against them if you wish. 
What happens if the customer decides I’ve sent in the best offer?
They request to be connected with their preferred dealer, at which point we release your details to them. We also provide them with a Certificate of Offer, detailing your quote, which is valid from seven days. 
At the same time we send you their details so you can follow through and arrange the logistics of deposits, delivery and so on.
How much does it cost to join?
It costs nothing for dealers to sign up for the service and receive guaranteed, red-hot leads, direct to their inbox. 
We only charge the winning dealer a fixed $250 fee for cars sold as introduced by CarAdvice // Best Price. Before participating you must ensure you have authorisation to incur this charge should your offer be successful.
What happens if I sell the car to another buyer before the customer makes up their mind?
You can withdraw from the offer at any stage prior to the buyer accepting your quote and confirming you as the successful dealer.
However, we have a duty of care to the buyers using our service. Any dealers that fail to deliver on their offer within seven days of the Certificate of Offer being issued will be barred from using the service in future, and cut-off from future potential customers on CarAdvice//Best Price. Techniques such as Bait and Switch will not be tolerated. 
How many enquiries can I expect to receive?
It’s hard for us to say at this stage. Obviously dealers located in major metro areas can expect to be contacted more regularly, but we’d hope to deliver you a stream of interested buyers as the service grows. We do know that CarAdvice.com.au already has over 600,000 Australians visiting the site to look at our new car reviews and content. So we expect a good number of these people will use the service in the future. 
How do I manage the offers I’ve put out?
We’ve developed the Dealer Dashboard, which allows you to track all live offers to individual customers, view historical offers, and monitor counter-offers from competitors.
Can I prevent other dealers from seeing my deal?
In the interest of fair play for all, all dealers can see the offers submitted to their potential client. This ensures total transparency for you to negotiate your best offer against competitors. Specific dealer details are kept hidden from other dealers to ensure anonymity between dealers, however you can see the deals that are being offered.
Can I talk directly to the potential buyer?
To protect our buyers, we offer them an anonymous service, which means no direct contact outside of the bestprice.com.au site until they’ve agreed to partner with you in their purchase.  You can of course counter-offer and discuss your negotiations with the buyer via the comments section within the site. 
How do we avoid dealing with time-wasters?
We qualify every customer coming through the system to weed out the tyre kickers. You can be assured that all buyers we connect you with are genuine, ready-to-buy and eager to proceed because they pay us $29 to use the site. There is no other service in Australia that provides a more pre-qualified buyer to the dealership. 
How do I know if there’s a buyer in my area?
We’ll connect you directly through the Best Price service. We’ll even alert you when there’s a counter-offer. Each buyer is identified by postcode to ensure they are close to your dealership. How’s that for service?! 
"Bestprice.com.au was awesome. It streamlined the whole new car purchase process."

- Laura, Baulkham Hills, NSW.

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