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Who's behind is part of CarAdvice. We’re an independently Australian owned and operated one-stop shop for new car buyers. Whether you’re researching your new car, looking for the best possible price or just wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest from the world of cool cars, CarAdvice is your best bet for all things auto.
Is a broker?
Definitely not! We’re a team of dedicated and passionate car enthusiasts wanting to bring the fun back into car ownership. Buying a car shouldn’t be a chore – it should be one of life’s greatest pleasures. CarAdvice and Best Price aim to remove the pain from buying a new car, and make it as enjoyable experience as possible.
So how do we work with dealers?
It’s a tough market out there. The Internet has changed the way people buy cars. We feed dealers genuine, ready to buy leads at zero cost to them, with complete transparency over the deal. They can see what other dealer are offering and counter-offer to secure your business. Who wouldn’t like to do business under a system like that? We charge the dealers a small fee if you buy the car from them and refund your $29 at the same time.
Is the service national?
Totally. Obviously, some areas of Australia have a higher penetration of car dealers than others. But our system is set up so that we contact the at least five dealers who can deliver to you. It’s up to you which dealer you choose to buy from.

Using The Best Price Service

So, how does it work?
Firstly, you tell us the car that you want. You can specify colour and options, or leave it open if you don’t have your heart set on something specific. Next, we will contact roughly five local dealers on your behalf who provide offers within 24 hours. Your log in allows you to review and manage your offers through our Best Price Dashboard. You have seven days to accept an offer from the day we receive your your request. Once you receive a price you’re happy with and accept the offer, we release the dealers details along with a Certificate of Offer, which is valid for seven days. At this stage we also provide the dealer with your details, to make it easy for you to connect and sort out the logistics of the deal you've just negotiated. You and the dealer will finalise the purchase of your new car together.
How much does it cost?
It costs $29 per ‘deal’ you set up, which is refunded when you accept a dealer’s offer. By investing a small amount, dealers know you are a serious buyer who wants a great deal, and will therefore offer their best price. Our customers save an average of 10% per car, are satisfied with our quality of service and are happy with how easy it is to purchase a car through Best Price.
Do I have to buy a car if I sign up?
No, you don't have to buy a car if you sign up. . The system helps you negotiate a great price on the car you want, but there is no legal requirement to purchase the car at the end of the deal. You’re also protected by the usual cooling off periods in your particular State or Territory.
Is for used cars as well as new?
Our focus is on new cars only. Our sister site,, offers a classified service on used cars. You should check her out!
Why is CarAdvice // Best Price better than other car sites?
Firstly, we want to give you the best buyer experience possible. We know that wasting weekends going from dealership to dealership isn’t top of most people’s list of priorities. With, we now offer a one-stop shop for all your buying needs. You can research your next new car and receive competitive quotes from dealers anonymously, without ever leaving your home until you’re ready to accept the deal.
How is my information protected?
Only the dealer with the best offer you’re interested in will be given your details.

Finishing the deal

What happens when I choose the offer I want?
Once you’re happy with a dealer’s price, just hit ‘Accept’ and you’ll receive their full contact information. You should also download your Certificate of Offer, from the dealer, which is valid for seven days.
How does the dealer know what price he’s agreed?
All our dealers have their own log in which allows them to track their offers to customers. Once you’ve accepted their offer, we also contact them directly with confirmation of your interest and provide them with your details, so they can contact you directly. Finally, you’ll have your copy of the Certificate of Offer, valid for seven days, which clearly states the dealers details and the offer they’ve provided.
What if the dealer tries to charge me more?

If you’re within your seven day offer period, then you report them to us immediately. Our dealers should NEVER attempt to get more money from you. Our code of conduct means that their final offer is exactly that – FINAL. We rate our dealers according to their responsiveness and success rates. A dealer attempting to renegotiate a Best Price deal will immediately be blacklisted and withdrawn from our service. 

Should you find yourself in this position, please call 1300 369 818 and speak with our Customer Service Manager.

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